Gophers Get Revenge

Back on Oct 1 the Sisler Spartans spoiled what had been a near perfect season for the Gophers from Garden City. Gopher QB Riley Francey said they would not forget that game. He felt that the Spartans were fortunate to capitalize on a few Gopher errors and that was the difference in the loss that GC suffered.
Now a month later on Oct 30 the rematch was on. This time is was more serious, the winner would go on in the playoffs while the loser would pack their bags for the season.
IMGP0460Francey who led the league in a number categories including: passing yards – 1198, completions – 70, completion percentage – 64.2; was hoping to get into the passing game against the Spartans. They did that very early in this game. Scoring 2 touchdowns early and they never gave up the lead as the defeated the Spartans 44 – 25. Sisler never got untracked; they tried blitzing early but the Gophers had gone to school on that since these teams first encounter. The short dump passes went for big yards. When the Spartans changed their strategy to look for the pass the Garden City went to the ground game with Aruda-Welch.
QB Francey ended the game with more than 200 yards through the air and he ran one in on a quarter-back keeper. He also had a key block that sent Aruda-Welch for a long rushing touchdown. For his great play Francey was awarded the player of the game honours.
While the Gophers now prepare for to meet the undefeated St Pauls team, the Spartans are looking at next season.