Obituary of Hans Kasdorf

Han KasdorfHans Kasdorf died Mar. 26, 2011. He was born July 27, 1928 in Aleksandrovka, Russia to Heinrich and Susanna Kasdorf. Before Hans was 2, the family immigrated to Brazil. The government closed local schools when he was in Grade 3, ending his formal schooling. At 18, Hans accepted Jesus as Saviour and was baptized into the MB church, Waldheim, Brazil. In 1949, Hans attended Winkler (Man.) Bible School, where he met his future wife Frieda Reimer, followed by MB Bible College, Winnipeg. After a year of teaching at East Chilliwack (B.C.) Bible School, he moved to Brazil to pastor Blumenau MB Church. In 1962, the family returned to North America. Hans studied at Tabor College, Hillboro, Kan., and University of Oregon. After one year at Huntington College, Ind., Hans taught at Pacific College, Fresno, Cal. He simultaneously enrolled at MB Biblical (MBBS) and Fuller Theological seminaries, to earn a doctorate in missiology in 1976. In 1978, Hans became missiologist at MBBS until his retirement in 1993. Hans completed a second doctorate in theology through University of South Africa. He taught at Freie Theologische Hochschule, Giessen, Germany, 1994–98. Hans was a compassionate leader in the MB church, serving on the boards of local, national, and international church organizations, including 12 years on the MB board of foreign missions. He loved learning languages, and wrote numerous books and essays in English and German. He delighted in praying for his family. Hans is mourned by Frieda; children Dianne, David, Evelyn, and their spouses; 4 grandchildren; 1 brother


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