The Kasdorf family roots began in Europe.  Their roots spread to Asia, North America, South America, and have also gone to Australia.  I believe if we searched enough we would also find them in Africa.

The spelling of the name has changed somewhat as the families migrated around the world.  (Kasdorp, Kasdorf, Kassdorf, Kasdorff)

We are proud of our heritage and thankful to God for the blessings bestowed on our family.

Kith & Kin

Why was the name Kith & Kin chosen?  When I first thought about this blog I thought only in terms of genealogy and history; however, when I started working on the blog, I came to the realization that it could be much more than that.  Our ancestry is important to us, but many of us are not only related, we are close friends. “Kith and Kin” is an Old English phrase meaning “dearest & nearest” or “friends & relatives”.  I think that is the way many of us feel about our families and relatives.

Hopefully this will not confuse us with the “KASDORF KIN” newsletter that was circulated in the USA in the early 1990’s.


The purpose of the “KASDORF KITH & KIN” blog is to document, preserve and share the family history and news of Peter Johann Kasdorf and Maria Steffen, their descendants, and ancestors.

It is to this couple and their descendants that this blog is dedicated.  Hopefully it will be a meaningful source of information, which will enable all of us, not only to gain a better knowledge of our roots, but also to serve as a catalyst for present day family relationships.

Maybe it will also help us to stay in touch with the activities of our relatives around the world, many of whom are our close friends.


2 responses to “About

  1. Frank, what a pleasure to poke around this blog! Ewald and I really enjoy it. Thanks for all the work and heart you’ve put into it 🙂 Debbie


  2. Linda Klippenstein

    Great to get speedy updates from Moscow!


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