Congratulations Pete and Adina

Doug Kasdorf sent this to help us celebrate his parents wedding anniversary.

Today is Pete and Adina’s 60th wedding Anniversary.
Doug made a slideshow celebrating this special day which they viewed at a dinner which took place a few weeks ago.  Although many of us don’t remember that much about that day 60 years ago, we are very interested if anyone, including Pete and Adina want to tell us more about it to jar our memories.  Just click on the Leave comment above and tell us your story or memory.

Congratulations to Pete and Adena.  Enjoy the show.


2 responses to “Congratulations Pete and Adina

  1. I was 9 years old when you got married. I fondly remember Adina as being a beautiful girl and thought Pete was a lucky guy. I also remember being very happy when they came home with their children some years later. I especially remember baby sitting Kimberly Susan Marie and trying to get her to stop crying. I carried her for what seemed like hours. Probably was only minutes.
    Congratulations Pete and Adina.


  2. Thanks for that video.Peter you remind me of your Dad.I don’t know you personally but heard about from your brothers.What a blessed life you and Adina had. Congratulations Your cousin ( Unkel Ab’s daughter Helga )


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